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PVPubg New - Undetected Game Loop

hack pubg mobile, anti ban game loop
    27/11/2020: Update PVPubg 14.8 Version Game 1.1
Cập nhật PVPubg mới Anti ban Game Loop siêu an toàn

** Video Hướng dẫn sử dụng PVPubg NEW - Anti Game Loop

Video hướng dẫn tạo accout Pubg Mobile với 1 click chuột bằng PVPubg VIP: CLICK ĐỂ XEM

** Video Hướng dẫn sử dụng PVPub giả lập LDPLAYER an toàn hơn

** Video Hướng dẫn sử dụng CÀI PHÍM giả lập LDPLAYER

* Link tải / link download: Pass file: pvvip

Link tải chính : CLICK ĐỂ TẢI
Link dự phòng: CLICK ĐỂ TẢI

=> Link tải giả lập LDPlayer
Link tải file APK 0.19: CLICK ĐỂ TẢI
Link cài phím trên LDPlayer: CLICK ĐỂ TẢI

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  1. I am getting banned for using esp only. Pubg is banning me for 3 months again and again. I am not using any memory or dangerous function. I have been purchasing your hack from last at least 6 months. If you have anything in your mind how to fix this. Kindly let me know

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  2. bitch, for your cheat block 100%, you fuck you sell it ?? it should be 100% free until you make a good ban defense! And so your cheat is a complete fool, do not succeed in entering the battle and ban

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  3. tencent has been updated and pvvip hacking is not safe

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  4. your cheat are detected ban every game

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  5. estou sendo banido toda vez o hack não esta mas seguro pago um hack para tomar ban

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  6. What's the point of this cheat ? if there are no magic bullet and bullet tracker functions. And the usual ESP is also available in free cheats.
    We will wait a year or 2 . when these functions are added . Even most paid other cheats have these features .
    But recoil does not work at all, does not remove the recoil .

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  7. Nao consigo atualizar pelo LD dia que o pubg nao faz parte do meu Pais pelo google PLay

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  8. . Em bị khóa acc đến tháng 7 mongg AD giúp đỡ e lấy lại acc ạ

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  9. Добрый день на сегодня актуален ваш чит ?

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  10. ko dung dc tren game lop la sao ad vs cai ve giai nen ko yeu cau pass giai nen kia ad xem lai ho di

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  11. ---------------------------

    Unable to initialize, please check if simulator and game is running

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